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Your virtual beauty destination!


M.A.S.H Collection is a visionary beauty-retail concept which offers a broad range of product categories including skincare, make up, body and men’s grooming. We created M.A.S.H Collection because we believe that every person loves to beautify themselves. Beauty is about self-expression and self-confidence.


M.A.S.H Collection, which the word M.A.S.H is an abbreviation of our founders’ family names, began when our founders, a beauty enthusiast and an education officer, who have different missions initially, combined their thoughts into having a beauty platform with meanings infused in it.

We ensure that the products that we carry are either Halal, Natural or Vegan. We believe that it is important to spread awareness that some brands in the market uses unethical ingredients in their products and some others do animal testing which we do not support at all cost. We also carry Halal products so as those who wishes to be 100% worry free could get them because “Halal isn’t limited to what is consumed as food but also applies to what is put on our skin”. This is especially true to lip products that might be swallowed or absorbed via penetration and might not be permissible for our Muslim users. Therefore, we strive to provide a beauty platform for all types of people regardless of race, language or religion. Yes, we took that from our Singapore pledge because we are proudly from humble city, Singapore.

It is not just about beauty, it is beyond that!


With a variety of collection of international and local brands, we’re confident that there are products that will interests you. We ensure that you’ll have a fuss free experience while shopping with us and deliveries are made within 1-5 working days via M.A.S.H COURIER SERVICE or SINGPOST plus variety of payment methods available.


Meet our Founder/Co-Owner,

Ms Amyrah Mustafa