Standing at a shop and totally confused as to which colour would look the best on you gets a little too annoying at times. To choose the right lip colour, you must know whether your skin has an undertone of pink or yellow. Pink is cool, yellow is warm. Without being well-aware about your undertone, it's next to impossible to find the perfect shade for your lips. You don't know your undertone? It's easy to find it. Have a quick look at your veins. Are they blue? Do you always like to wear greys, whites, and blues?  If yes, then your undertone is pink. If not, and they look much greener than blue, your undertone is yellow. However, some of you might have veins that seem both blue and green. If that's what confuses you, then congratulations, you own a neutral tone. The good news is that quite literally every colour looks amazing on the one with a neutral skin tone.  Here is a short tidbit to help you select the perfect lip colour according to your skin tone:


Fair Skin- Pink undertone
You can beautify your fair skin tone with a couple of darkish shades like deep red, berry pink, mauve brown, and purple. These colours would also beautify your skin tone.

Fair skin- Yellow undertone
The ladies with a fair complexion but a yellow undertone find it really hard to select the best of the lip colour for themselves. But not anymore, you must illuminate the warmth of your skin with crimson shades of red toned with orange or brown. The ruby chocolate colour would also look stunning.

Neutral skin (olive skin)
You can have those statement lips with yellow-toned hues and flashy colours such as hot pink, bright poppy red, and coral. Did you know you can put up a natural sun-kissed incandescence to your face? All you'll have to do is wear a deep dark plum or scarlet lip shade.


Medium skin- Pink undertone

Discard any pale or too light lip shades if you have any. Opt for wine red, rose pink or wine purple.


Medium skin- Yellow undertone

Any sheeny and fresh colour would do the job for you. Go for cherry red, bright orange etc.


Dark skin- Pink undertone
Experiment your look using purple and pastel shades with blue tones. The cooler the shade, the prettier you'll look.


Dark skin- Yellow undertone
This is the one which allows you to wear gold, peachy and nude shades. But of course don't hesitate in mixing it with a little pink, red or brown shade.


Always apply the lipstick to your fingertip instead of to the top of your hand, to test it. Another secret to the right lipstick is a lipstick that has a 2 to 3 tones darker shade than that of your natural lip colour.

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